Bulletproof Musician
Advice for classical musicians.

Rob Knopper/Audition Hacker
All about orchestral percussion.

Adam Swilinski
Excellent writing from Sō Percussion member.

Jeffrey Irving
NY Freelance Percussionist.

Liquidrum Blog
Real talk from Todd Meehan.

William James
From St. Louis Symphony Principle Percussionist


Video-podcast with great guests each episode.

Rob Knopper
Met Orchestra Principle Percussionist

Repertoire videos and self-conscious percussion humor.


Audio only version with episode index.

Concert Honesty
Insights from Josh Quillen.

Dispatches from the Unknown
New Music USA

Online Journals, Magazines, etc.

from New Music USA.

Tone Madison
Madison music and culture

Percussive Arts Society
Most popular percussion publication; membership is required.

Tom Tom Magazine
Drummers, Music, Feminism