Music Video Online Premieres

When I am not performing, I record audio and video of other people performing. Recently, I stepped outside of my videography comfort zone to work with Chicago-rock group, Thompson Springs, to create two new music videos for the band. 

The first video was released by Glide Magazine, and you can watch it here. To create the pseudo-psychedelic video effect, I projected vintage footage onto the band's faces while they performed in my basement, in front of a jenky-DIY black backdrop.

That old footage is actually a compilation of old family-film clips taken by the grandparents of Matt Smith, the band leader of Thompson Springs. So, for the second video, I re-combined that same footage into a non-narrative film, choosing clips that I felt evoked similar themes and images as the song. This video was premiered by the venerable Sound Thread Music Blog, and you can watch it here.

Be sure to follow Thompson Springs (currently touring in AUS) on the socials (fb, ig).


Aaron Gochberg